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Vision & Mission

The vision statement of the Legenda Education Group is as follows:

“To be a reputable college, producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the national education philosophy�

The Group develops students by providing an environment for personal growth, opportunity, knowledge, exposure, personal attention and career direction.  This is in line with the nation’s aspiration, which is to build a generation of professionals catering to a knowledge-based economy to meet global needs.  The Group has also continued its efforts to strengthen the curricula, and at the same time, to explore research areas that will significantly contribute to the development of the nation.

The Group is dedicated to providing the appropriate environment, facilities and guidance for the educational development of individuals, taking into account the manpower needs of the nation and the expectations of the shareholders of the Group.

The Group's mission is to produce competent, knowledgeable and highly skilled graduates who have the entrepreneurship awareness and will to strive for excellence.

The basic principle by which the Legenda Education Group operates is their resolve in pursuing to be a centre of academic excellence, and their commitment in providing quality education. 

This includes the following:
•    Develop programmes that are nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence
•    Provide high quality teaching, taking into account the needs of individual students
•    Adopt uniform guidelines for monitoring quality in the delivery of courses
•    Conform to accrediting standards of partner universities and other quality agencies wherever applicable
•    Provide state-of-the-art educational infrastructure to support the Group in achieving its strategies
•    Offer a full range of courses in ICT, Engineering, Business, Built Environment and related disciplines
•    Facilitate the above through partnerships with local and foreign tertiary institutions
•    Collaborate with the industry to ensure courses offered are relevant and current
•    Collaborate with public institutions in complementing the government’s efforts in educating the masses

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